Roll Search

The Trustees of The Scottish National War Memorial maintain the Roll of Honour for Scots. The master Roll is held on a database which is transferred to this search file periodically. The content is also extracted to the printed pages displayed in the Hall of Honour of the War Memorial.

You can view these Rolls of Honour, where below each Memorial is a stone table on which the books are placed. The Scots Roll of Honour contains the names of individual casualties from both World Wars and those who have died in conflict since 1945.

You can also search for individual casualties online using the facility below. After searching for an individual casualty, clicking on an entry to view details, you will be presented with an option to purchase a Certificate and/or an Extract from the Roll should you so wish.

To carry out a search, enter your search terms below. You must enter at least one of the surname (with the selection option); service number; or year of death. By default results will come from the whole Roll, but you can reduce this by selecting a conflict era.