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Scotland's Shrine - The Scottish National War Memorial

Summer 2014 saw the publication of Professor Duncan Macmillan's book "Scotland's Shrine - The Scottish National War Memorial". The book was commissioned by the Trustees of the Memorial and has been a critical success. The book records the history of the Memorial from concept, to completion in 1927. Sir Hew Strachan, one of Britain's leading authorities on World War One, said of this book: "It is a magnificent book: wonderful photographs and matched by serious scholarship. In a flood of books for the centenary that don't matter, at last one that does."

Although "Scotland's Shrine" cannot be bought from the Memorial Shop, it can be from all good retailers, Historic Scotland shops and direct from the publisher Lund Humphries.

Other Books about The Scottish National War MemoriaI

Detailed below is an extensive list of books, many of which are out of print, that also may be of interest. It is suggested that those interested approach their local library or a dealer specialising in second-hand military books.

General guides to the Scottish National War Memorial

The Scottish National War Memorial Grant & Murray Ltd, Edinburgh, 1932
Ian Hay Their Name Liveth - The Book of The Scottish National War Memorial Thomson Litho Ltd, East Kilbride, 1985

The art and architecture of the memorial

Professor Murdo Macdonald Scottish Art Thames & Hudson
Professor Duncan Macmillan Scottish Art in the 20th Century Mainstream Publishing
Miles Glendinning, Ranald MacInnes & Aunghus Mackenie A History of Scottish Architecture Edinburgh University Press, 1996

Other useful publications

Philip Longworth The Unending Vigil- A History of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission 1917 - 1984 Camelot Press Ltd, Southampton, 1985
Rose E B Coombs Before Endeavours Fade - A Guide to the Battlefields of The First World War Battle of Britain Prints International Ltd., London 1986
In Flanders Fields Museum Guide to the In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres Ypres, 1998
John Giles Flanders Then and Now - The Ypres Salient and Passchendaele Picardy Publishing Ltd., London 1987
Alan Borg War Memorials Leo Cooper, London 1991
Michael Scott The Ypres Salient Gliddon Books, Norwich 1992
Brigadier-General J E Edmonds History of the Great War Based on Official Documents Imperial War Museum and Battery Press Inc., London 1996
Ray Westlake British Battalions in France & Belgium 1914 Leo Cooper, London 1997
Ray Westlake British Regiments at Gallipoli Leo Cooper, London 1996
K W Mitchinson Pioneer Battalions in the Great War Leo Cooper, London 1997
Ray Westlake British Battalions on the Somme Leo Cooper, London 1994
Ernest W Bell Soldiers Killed on the First Day of The Somme Ernest W Bell, Bolton 1977
David Brown Warship Losses of World War Two Arms and Armour Press, London 1995
Graham Ross Scotland's Forgotten Valour MacLean Press, Portree 1995
Diana M Henderson The Scottish Regiments Harper Collins, Glasgow 1996
Derek G Law The Royal Navy - An Annotated Bibliography Greenhill Books, London 1988
Julian Putkowski &Julian Sykes Shot at Dawn - Executions in World War One by authority of the British Army Act Leo Cooper, London 1996
David Ascoli A Companion to The British Army 1660-1983 Harrap, London 1984
David Chandler Ed. The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army OUP, Oxford 1994
The Register of the Victoria Cross This England Books, Cheltenham 1988
Norman L R Franks Royal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War Midland Publishing Ltd, Hinckley, 1998
J B Salmond The History of the 51st Highland Division 1939-1945 Pentland Press, Edinburgh 1994
Bill McAndrew The Canadians and The Italian Campaign 1943-1945 Editions Art Global Inc., Montreal 1996
Simon Fowler and others RAF Records in the PRO- PRO Readers' Guide No. 8 PRO Publications, London 1994
Wing Commander C G Jefford RAF Squadrons Airlife Publishing Ltd., Shrewsbury 1988
Ray Westlake The Territorial Battalions Guild Publishing, London 1986
Brigadier E A James British Regiments 1914-1918 Naval & Military Press Ltd., Heathfield 1998
Angus Fairrie Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) Queen's Own Highlanders Amalgamation Trustees, Golspie 1998
Martin Midddlebrook and Chris Everitt The Bomber Command War Diaries - An Operational Reference Book 1939-1945 Midland Publishing Ltd., Earl Shilton 1995
N A M Rodger Naval Records for Genealogists - PRO Handbook No. 22 PRO, London 1984
Kelvin Smith and others Records of Merchant Shipping and Seamen - PRO Readers' Guide No. 20 PRO Publications, London 1998
Major-General A G Wauchope A History of The Black Watch Royal Highlanders in the Great War 1914-1918 In three volumes,The Medici Society Ltd., London 1926
John Ewing The History of the 9th Scottish Division 1914-1919, John Murray, London 1921
Historical Records of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders In seven volumes, William Blackwood, Edinburgh 1909-1962
H J Williamson The Roll of Honour Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force for the Great War 1914-18 Naval &Military Press Ltd., Dallington 1992
O A Cooke The Canadian Military Experience 1867-1995 - A Bibliography Department of National Defence, Ottawa 1997
John F Prescott In Flanders Fields - The story of John McCrae Boston Mills Press, Erin, Ontario, 1985
Lt. Colonel R R Thomson The 52nd Lowland Division 1914-1918 Maclehose, Jackson & Co., Glasgow 1923
George Blake Mountain and Flood - The History of the 52nd Lowland Division 1939-1946 Jackson Son & Co., Glasgow 1950
Dugal MacEchern The Sword of the North - Highland Memories of the Great War Robert Carruthers & Sons, Inverness 1923
Chris Hobson Airmen Died in the Great War 1914-1918 J B Hayward & Son, Suffolk 1995
Lt. Colonel J Stewart and John Buchan The Fifteenth Scottish Division 1914-1919 William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh 1926
Lieutenant-General H G Martin History of the 15th Scottish Division 1939-1945 William Blackwood & Sons Ltd., Edinburgh 1948
I C B Dear Ed. The Oxford Companion to the Second World War OUP, Oxford 1995
F Loraine Petre The Scots Guards in the Great War 1914-1918 John Murray, London 1925
David Erskine The Scots Guards 1919-1945 William Clowes & Sons Ltd., London 1956
Carel Birkby The Saga of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment 1932-1950 Hodder & Stroughton Ltd., Cape Town 1950
Peter K A Digby Pyramids and Poppies - 1st SA Infantry Brigade in Lybia, France and Flanders 1915-1919 Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia 1993
Brigadier C N Barclay The London Scottish in the Second World War 1939 to 1945 William Clowes &Sons Ltd., London 1952
Various authors The Life of A Regiment- The History of the Gordon Highlanders In six volumes, The Medici Society, London, first volume 1901
Shelford Bidwell The Women's Royal Army Corps Leo Cooper, London 1977
Major John Ewing The Royal Scots 1914-1919 In two volumes, Oliver and Boyd, London 1925
Graham Stewart and John Sheen Tyneside Scottish - A History of the Tyneside Scottish Brigade raised in the North East in World War One Pen and Sword Books, Barnsley 1999
Major L L Gordon British Battles & Medals Spink & Son, London 1971
Michael Armitage The Royal Air Force - An Illustrated History Arms and Armour Press, London 1995
Leslie Hunt Twenty-One Squadrons - The History of the Royal Auxiliary Airforce Crecy Books, Somerton 1992
Denis Richards Royal Air Force 1939-1945 In three volumes, HMSO, London 1953
J R Hill Ed The Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy OUP, Oxford 1995
Patrick Delaforce Monty's Highlanders - 51st Highland Division in World War Two Tom Donovan, Brighton 1997
Derek Wood, Attack Warning Red - The Royal Observer Corps in the Defence of Britain 1925-1992 Carmichael and Sweet Limited, Portsmouth 1992
Simon Fowler Army Records for Family Historians - Public Record Office Readers' Guide No. 2 PRO, London 1992
William Spencer Records of the Militia and Volunteer Forces 1757-1945 - Public Record office Readers' Guide No. 3 PRO, London 1997
Simon Fowler and others Army Service Records of the First World War PRO, London 1996
Garth Thomas Records of The Royal Marines - PRO Readers' Guide No. 10 PRO, London 1994
Robert Sigmond, Off at Last - An Illustrated History of the 7th Galloway Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers 1939-1945 Veenman Drukkers, Ede 1997
Wilfred I Smith Code Word CANLOAN Dundurn Press, Toronto 1992
Patrick Delaforce Marching to the Sound of Gunfire - North West Europe 1944-5 Sutton Publishing Ltd., Stroud 1996
David Bercuson Battalion of Heroes - The Calgary Highlanders in World war II Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation, Calgary 1994
Major W Steel Brownlie The Proud Trooper - The History of the Ayrshire Earl of Carrick's Own Yeomanry Collins, London 1964
Terry Copp No Price Too High - Canadians and the Second World War McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd., Toronto 1996
Roy Conyers Nesbit The Strike Wings - Special Anti-Shipping Squadrons HMSO, London 1995
Major Michael Mitchell Ducimus - The Regiments of the Canadian Infantry Canadian War Museum, Ottawa 1992
Patrick Mileham The Yeomanry Regiments Canongate Academic, Edinburgh 1985
John Buchan The History of The Royal Scots Fusiliers 1678 - 1918 Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., London 1925
Colonel J C Kemp MC The History of The Royal Scots Fusiliers 1919-1959 Glasgow University Press, 1963
Captain Stair Gillon The KOSB in the Great War Thomas Nelson & Sons ltd., London 1930
Captain Hugh Gunning Borderers in Battle - The War Story of The King's Own Scottish Borderers 1939-1945 Martin's Printing, Berwick-upon-Tweed 1948
Various authors The History of the Cameronians Scottish Rifles, 26th and 90th In four volumes, Vol 1, Gale &Polden Ltd., Aldershot 1957
Lt. Colonel L B Oatts Proud Heritage - The Story of The Highland Light Infantry

In four volumes.

Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., London 1953

P J R Mileham Fighting Highlanders - The History of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Arms and Armour Press, London 1993
Major the Hon. Ralph Pomeroy and others

History of the Royal Scots Greys

The Second Dragoons August 1914 - March 1919 1932

Lt. Colonel R M P Carver Second to None - The Royal Scots Greys 1919 - 1945 McCorquodale & Co. Ltd., Edinburgh 1954

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